Why Choose a Trillium Show?

The Trillium Hunter Jumper Association prides itself in offering the best league of Equine Canada Silver Sanctioned horse shows in the country! The annual Trillium Championship Show is of course the highlight of the circuit, but there are many reasons why the Trillium Circuit is an excellent place to compete in Ontario.

Professional & Well Trained Officials

The Trillium Hunter Jumper Association uses only Equestrian Canada certified officials as judges, course designers and stewarredribbonds. These officials must pass specific exams, and keep their education current by attending Equestrian Canada Clinics every few years. This process ensures that judges have appropriate knowledge and experience in the classes they are judging, that course designers use only safely designed courses over properly constructed jumps, and that stewards are current on the rules that govern the horse show.

Clear Competition Rules

All Trillium Shows are run under the Equestrian Canada General Regulations and Hunter/Jumper Rules. These books are available online at www.equestrian.ca. The Trillium Championship Show Divisions are all run under the specs published on the THJA website. This ensures that regardless of where in Ontario you compete at a Trillium Show, the rules are the same. These rule sets are reviewed annually by committees and every effort is made to be sure that they are very clear, and very fair.  If you ever encounter an issue with a rule at a Trillium Show, you should promptly locate the horse show steward to either interpret the rule, or address the issue.

Drug Testing

Every Trillium Show can be visited by the Equestrian Canada Drug Tester and any horse onsite can be selected for mandatory drug testing. This random selection process ensures that horses who are competing are not being administered any illegal or dangerous substances to enhance their performance. This program is designed to protect the health, welfare and safety of both the horse and rider in competition. For more information on the Drug Testing program in Ontario, please contact Equestrian Canada's Medication Control department directly. 

Emergency Services

Trillium Shows are required as per Equestrian Canada Rules to have a plan in place for the proper handling of emergencies involving both people and horses. Professional medical assistance for humans is available on the horse show grounds at all times during these competitions. For horses, a veterinarian is always on call, and it is recommended that a farrier is onsite, but if they are not, one should be on call.

Proper Insurance Coverage

As per Equine Canada rules (Article A507), Trillium Shows must carry Commercial General Liability insurance with a minimum limit of $2 000 000 for bodily injury and/or property damage claims. No Trillium Show receives sanctioning from Equine Canada without this level of insurance in place to protect all parties involved in the horse show in the event of a loss. Having this type of insurance requirement ensures that shows are being run under a tried and true risk management protocol that embraces procedures, rules and regulations.