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Please note the following changes to the Equine Canada rules regarding "Person Responsible" on entry forms. Make sure you have an adult sign your entry form if you are a junior. 

Section A, General Regulations - Glossary: Person Responsible

The Person Responsible for a horse must be an adult who has, or shares responsibility for the care, training, custody and performance of the horse and who has official responsibility for that horse under EC Rules and is liable under the penalty provisions of the Rules for any violation of the EC Rules.  For the purpose of these Rules, the Person Responsible is normally the trainer, owner or the competitor who rides or drives the horse during the event, or parent or legal guardian in the case of junior competitors.  The Person Responsible is ultimately responsible for the condition, fitness and management of the horse and is alone responsible for any act performed in the stables by himself or herself or by any other person with authorized access to the horse, or while the horse is being ridden or driven or exercised.  The Person Responsible must hold a valid EC Sport License in good standing at the same level or higher in which the horse is competing.  However, when the competitor is a junior, the competitor cannot be the Person Responsible and the Person Responsible may be a parent/guardian who must be at minimum an EC or USEF member in good standing.

The entry form must list the Person Responsible's name, their EC or USEF member number and signed.


In the event that ______________ participates in an Equine Canada sanctioned competition where protective headgear is required for juniors, he/she will wear properly fitted and fastened approve headgear at all times while riding or driving at the event location.  It is understood that juniors not meeting this requirement will not be allowed to compete at these competitions.

I hereby certify that every horse, rider and/or driver is eligible as entered and agree for myself and my representatives to be bound by the Constitution and rules of Equine Canada at this competition.  It is hereby recognized that all equestrian sports involve inherent risk and that no helmet or protective equipment can protect against all foreseeable injury.  I hereby accept this risk and hold harmless EC, the competition, their officials, organizers, agents, employees and their representatives.

The Person Responsible (PR) agrees to the release of any information on the entry form to EC.

Signature of PR_______________________ EC#_________________ Parent/Guardian (for Jrs)_____________________

Please contact your zone reps for details on applying to host Trillium shows in your area.