Have a change you would like to see with a Trillium Championship Show Specification? Please complete this form and provide it to your zone representatives or submit it directly to the THJA office prior to March 1st. These requests will be reviewed throughout 2017 and voted on in the fall for changes in 2018. 

If you have any questions please contact your Zone Representatives or the THJA Office. 


Championship Show Specification Change Form

Due March 1st 2017

Equestrian Canada has introduced a new Return to Play Protocol for dealing with concussions in Equestrian Sport that come into effect in 2017. As Silver Sanctioned horse shows of Equestrian Canada all Trillium Shows are required to adhere to these new rules. See the links below for more information! 

Equestrian Canada Return to Play Protocol 2017

The first ever 2017 Yearbook is ready to be shipped! The first batch of yearbooks should be in the mail the last week of January. 

Once the initial batch of yearbooks is sent, yearbooks will be shipped approximately one week after you sign up/renew your THJA membership.

Your yearbook will be sent to the address on file with your membership. Please make sure this address is correct when you renew as we will not be re-issuing yearbooks because of address issues. 

Thank You!

The THJA office will open for 2017 Membership Renewals on January 3rd 2017.


We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!