New/Changed Equine Canada Rules for 2014:


Article G1005.6 - Only silver coloured stirrups are permitted in equitation or medal classes. Use of black or coloured stirrups will incur elimination.

Article G107.6 - All trainers/coaches must carry the memberships and Sports License equivalent to the level of competition where they are training/coaching.


Be sure to check the 2014 Equine Canada General Regulations and Hunter, Jumper, Equitation & Hack Rules for the complete rules. 



News for 2014!

  • The 2014 dates for all zones have been finalized. Check your respective zones website or the THJA Calendar of Events for the list.
  • The Trillium Championship Show Specs for 2014 have been finalized and published on the THJA website. Please be sure to check them to ensure you are eligible for your selected division(s) to avoid disappointment later in the season.
  • The 2’6 Childrens/Adult Amateur Hunter will be split into two separate divisions at the Trillium Championship Show in 2014.
  • Trillium Shows are required to offer prize money in all of the Trillium Championship Show Qualifying divisions. Graduated prize money based on the number of entries in a class or division is not permissible.
  • Please be diligent about getting entries into show secretaries by the closing date as published in the horse show prizelist whenever possible. All Trillium Championship Show divisions must be offered at each Trillium Show, however show managers reserve the right to cancel any division that does not have at least three entries on the closing date. 

We have also implemented a formal process whereby shows that count as qualifiers for the annual Trillium Championship Show are acknowledged by the THJA.Discussion about this process began a few years ago as issues popped up regarding how changes to show management, location and dates were addressed and how new shows were brought into the fold. After much discussion with both Ontario Equestrian Federation and Equine Canada, in March of 2013 the decision was made by the board of directors of the THJA to formulate and move forward with this process for the 2014 season. The board felt that this change to existing procedures would bring the organization closer to its objectives: To teach, foster, encourage and promote Hunter/Jumper Competitions in Ontario; To promote the development, improvement, encouragement and upgrade of exhibitors, trainers, officials and show management; and to create, develop and foster standardization of shows. A two part application process was put into place (Part 1 due Oct 15th, Part 2 due January 30th) that requested basic information about each horse show manager and venue, ensured that no debts were outstanding to the organization, and of course that Equine Canada would grant them Silver Sanctioning. Each zone’s executive committee and show managers then met to discuss any changes brought forward via these applications. Any issues that could not be sorted out at the zone level, were then appealed to the THJA board of directors to arbitrate based on the objectives of the organization as a whole.  

Welcome to our new and improved website and membership database! Beginning December 16th, you will be able to process your 2014 THJA membership online!! Once purchased, you will receive an electronic membership card the Membership Status page. You will then be able to log in and update your details as necessary, or print a new card in the event that you misplace yours before the horse show. We have also made some changes regarding our really long domain name. You can now access the THJA website via the much shorter, as well as the existing As the website and database programming is new, and there may be bugs to be worked out in the first few weeks, if you encounter any issues at all trying to register for membership please feel free to contact the THJA office at 416-460-9178. The office will be open Monday to Friday (Dec 16-20th) and then closed until January 2nd 2014.

J.P. in his bucket saddle on Dreams Come True - Peter Armstrong

Cuteness!!!! J.P. in his bucket saddle on Dreams Come True – Peter Armstrong

Eight-month old toddler J.P. Armstrong made history on Sunday as the youngest competitor at the 2013 Trillium Championships in Calendon Equestrian Park (aka Palgrave), Ontario… and he went home with a ribbon!!!!!

He was even featured in the local newspaper, The Barrie Examiner, the week before the show:

“To be the youngest rider to ever compete and to make history is pretty amazing for a kid who was born a month premature and weighed only four pounds. He’s a triplet and he’s the only one who has been sick, the one who has had to fight. So this means a lot to us.” said mom Trina Maus.

J.P. and the judge at the show - photo by Peter Armstrong

J.P. at the show with the judge and his granny Judy Lawrie – photo by Peter Armstrong

Trina, who is an equestrian, HJU reader and mom of triplets (!!!!!!), sent us these photos and report from the show:

The lead line class was great. J.P. competed against 14 other talented riders… everyone was so good the judge gave them all first place.

The judge was wonderful.  He took the time to tell each rider what they did well and asked them a skill testing question.

When he got to J.P. – he said “that is a wonderful pony” as his compliment.  He then said I like your saddle and J.P. tapped the saddle, so the judge said he answered the skill testing question correctly.  I was pretty amazed my 8 month-old was so smart. :)

Cutest leadline competitor - photo by Peter Armstrong

Winning!!!! – photo by Peter Armstrong