Championship Show Spec Changes for 2020

The THJA Board of Directors will be voting on these proposals at the October THJA meeting. Please be sure to advise your zone reps on your opinions about these proposed changes.

Proposal #1

Low/High Development Hunter Division (2’6 and 2’9)

Open to all horses in their 1st or 2nd year of showing over fences at Equestrian Canada recognized shows. Ponies are not permitted. Horses in this division may not cross enter into any other divisions requiring them to jump. Riders are permitted to enter any other division they are eligible for.

Proposal #2

Modified Pony Hunter Division

Open to all ponies. Ponies will jump 3” below their regular pony hunter division height. Distances will be set on large pony step throughout the regular show reason and medium ponies will add one step, and small ponies will add two steps (minimum would be 5 strides). At the Championship Show all distances will be adjusted according to pony size as per EC Rules G306.6.A. Age restrictions as per EC Rules G306.1. Pony/rider combinations may not cross enter into any other classes or divisions requiring them to jump.

Small – Not to exceed 2’

Medium – Not to exceed 2’3”

Large – Not to exceed 2’6”

Proposal #3

Trillium B and C Equitation

Trillium “B” and “C” Equitation Over Fences – Open to all riders who are of eligible age at the height they compete at, at the horse show.

Want to see a different change to the specs? Please complete the Championship Show Spec Change form on the THJA website (Login as a member and then click on the Constitution and By Law Page) and submit it prior to March 1st.