Annual General Meeting - THJA Board of Directors
Sunday March 25th 2018 at 1pm @
Element Vaughan Southwest 
6170 Hwy 7 Woodbridge ON L4H 0R2
AGM Agenda
A) Call to Order
B) Establishment of Quorum
C) Approval of Agenda
D) Declaration of any Conflict of Interest
E) Adoption of Minutes of the Previous AGM
F) Board and Committee Reports
G) Report of Auditor
H) Appointment of Auditor
I) Presentation of Budget
J) Approval of Registrant Dues and Related Fees
K) Business as Specified in Meeting Notice
L) New Business
M) Adjournment
For Inquiries:
Martha Worts
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.