photo10Q: What do I need to collect points towards the Trillium Championship Show?
A: You must have a current THJA membership to collect points towards the Trillium Championship Show.

Q: I have a THJA membership, but I do not own my horse. Does the owner need a THJA membership too?
A: Yes. Both owners and riders must have THJA memberships to collect points towards Championship Show.

Q: I forgot to get my THJA membership before the first show. I have it now though. Do my points count from the first show?
A: Points are not retroactive if memberships were not in place at the time of competition.

Q: Can I collect points on a Temporary Horse Registrations?
A: No. Competitors may not collect points on Temporary Horse Registrations.

Q: I was Reserve Champion at the last show, but another rider received more points towards Championship Show. Was there a mistake?
A: Points towards Championship Show and Zone Awards are calculated at each show based on the number of competitors in the class, a standard multiplier factor, and the placings 1stto 6th.  This is different than how points are calculated for Champion and Reserve Champion at individual horse shows.

Q: Who gets to go to the Championship Show?
A: The top seven (7) competitors in each division who have attended 50% of the qualifying shows (or a minimum of four) in their specific division are eligible for Trillium Championships Show.

Q: How does the 50% rule work?
A: A competitor must show (Show = Marked on a Judge’s Card) at a minimum of 50% of the THJA Shows in their zone in their specific division/class for their points to count towards Championship Show. In zones with six or fewer shows, competitors must attend a minimum of four shows regardless of the 50% rule. 

Q: What if a competitor in the top seven (7) of the division opts not to attend the Trillium Championship Show?
A: In the event that a qualified competitor opts not to attend the Trillium Championship Show, the competitor in eighth (8th) place will be eligible to attend in their place.

Q: Can a horse/rider combination collect points in more than one than one THJA zone?
A: No. Horse/rider combinations may only collect points in one zone.

Q: Can a rider show two different horses in two different zones?
A: Riders are permitted to show in more than one zone, but they must have a THJA membership for each zone in which they will be collecting points.