Important Details...

Entries & Office

  • photo19All horse show entries must be made through the Zone Representatives only. They cannot be sent directly to the EMG Office.
  • All entries must have proper signatures, complete addresses, passports, and OEF, EC and THJA numbers. An additional $25 fee will be charged for incomplete entries.
  • A stabling request form must be completed in order to reserve a stall.
  • No passport affidavits will be allowed.
  • No competitor will be allowed to ride Hors Concours in any class.
  • Hack Division competitors are not required to provide passports.
  • Adult Amateur riders must have an up to date Equine Canada Amateur card.
  • Hunter Classics and Mini Prixs entries will close at 4pm the day prior. No day of adds will be permitted.
  • Non showing horses are NOT permitted at the Trillium Championships. 
  • Refunds are available only with a veterinarian or doctor’s certificate. A scratch fee of $25 plus the Admin. Fee will apply, and stall fees are NOT refundable.
  • A charge of $50 will be assessed on all returned cheques. Unsettled accounts will be referred to the THJA for collection, and the OEF and EC will be advised of any outstanding debts.
  • Failure to clear outstanding charges by October from the Trillium Championship Show will result in disqualification for year end zone awards. Any person or barn failing to clear their account by the end of the year will be suspended as a THJA member for the following year.


Horse Show Etiquette

  • All competitors must acknowledge the ingate person when called on deck.
  • All trainer conflicts between rings must be declared to the ingates and resolved within the order of go. The steward should also be advised of any conflicts.
  • Any competitor missing their spot in the order will be moved to the end of the order, and given one warning call. Should the end of the class arrive, a ten minute call will be made for the competitor to enter the ring. After ten minutes, the ring will be closed.
  • Course walks will open and close according to the schedule, and will not be held, altered, or reopened for any reason.
  • The show rings will under no circumstances be held for conflicts caused by disorganization.
  • An announcement will be made each morning to advise trainers and competitors of which rings will take precedent. Please pay attention and make appropriate arrangements to avoid disappointment.
  • Hunter Classics and Mini Prix will run by posted order. No exceptions.
  • The Judge’s decision is final.

Horse Show Attire & Tack

  • Formal show attire is required for all classes at the Trillium Championship Show.
  • Polo Shirts and Blouses with open collars are not permissible in any Show Ring.
  • Draw reins will not be permitted in any classes.
  • Horses must have proper tack as per EC Rules
  • It is mandatory that all persons mounted on a horse anywhere on the competition grounds wear ASTM/SEI or BSI approved helmets secured with a safety harness permanently affixed to the helmet.